Your home’s windows and doors fulfill many key roles: they provide insulation, enhance privacy and security, and have an impact on the appearance of both the interior and exterior of your home. As a result, when installing new windows and doors, it’s important to choose them carefully to ensure long-lasting style and functionality. Paying attention to the latest trends in residential window and door design can help give your home a fresh, up-to-date look and guide you in selecting products equipped with the latest innovations.

At The Window & Door Store, we offer various types of windows and doors to suit a wide array of needs and styles. Here are a few of the latest trends we’ve seen:

#1: Boldly colored window frames

Over the past several years, black has been one of the most popular colors for window frames. While black is always a great choice—it pairs well with most design styles and can give your windows a richer, more contemporary look than classic white frames—some homeowners are now opting for frames painted with non-traditional hues.These may range from earth tones, such as browns and grays, to bolder colors such as blues, yellows, and reds. While uniquely colored window frames may be a riskier choice, they can enhance the visual intrigue of a room and offer a way to reflect your distinct sense of style.

#2: Energy efficiency

As homeowners are increasingly favoring sustainable design, it’s no surprise that energy-efficient windows and doors are among the most popular recent trends. Fortunately, today’s high-quality windows and doors—such as those that we carry at Window & Door Super Store—are equipped with the latest energy-saving technology to help you maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home year-round, while also keeping your utility costs low. For instance, some of the features that our windows and doors offer include:

  • Multiple panes with gas fills. Double- and triple-pane windows consist of two or three sheets of glass separated by an air-filled space, which provides much better insulation and protection against harmful UV rays than windows with only a single pane. To further enhance insulation, a gas filler—such as nontoxic, odorless, and colorless argon or krypton—may be added between the panes.
  • Low-E coatings. A microscopically thin, colorless low-emissivity (low-E) coating can be added to the glass of your windows and doors as a way to provide protection from UV rays and reduce energy loss. Low-E coatings affect the ways that heat energy from sunlight moves around: during the warmer months, the sun’s heat and UV rays are reflected away from the home, while they are reflected back inside during the winter. In addition to protecting your carpets, flooring, and furnishings from discoloration due to strong sunlight, low-E coatings can reduce energy loss by an estimated 30-50 percent—which can significantly reduce your utility costs in the long run.

#3: Windows that let in plenty of natural light

Thanks to the latest energy efficiency measures, it is now possible to have large windows that bring in plenty of natural light and allow sweeping views of the outdoors—without having to worry that they will also let in excessive heat or damaging UV rays. As a result, many homeowners are installing expansive picture windows, bay or bow windows, and other designs that contribute to a blurred boundary between indoors and out. Another type of window that is appearing in more and more homes is the arched window, which adds a classic, elegant flair to any room while also letting in abundant natural light.

#4: Multi-slide and bi-fold doors

Windows aren’t the only mechanisms for bringing the outdoors into your home—a seamless transition between indoors and out can also be achieved with large-scale patio doors, such as multi-slide or bi-fold doors.

As a larger version of traditional sliding doors, multi-slide doors consist of two or more glass panels that open and close by gliding along a track. These doors facilitate easy movement between your indoor and outdoor living spaces, offer nearly uninterrupted views of the outside, and bring an architectural “wow” factor to any home. At The Window & Door Store, our multi-slide doors can accommodate floor-to-ceiling openings ranging up to 20 feet wide and 10 feet tall.

A similar option is bi-fold doors, which consist of large glass panels that fold like an accordion. Our bi-fold doors can also fit openings up to 20 feet wide and 10 feet tall, thereby creating expansive views of the outdoors from inside the home and a blurred boundary between the two realms. Our doors are also equipped with a five-point locking system for maximum strength and security, as well as a track and wheel trolley system designed for smooth and effortless operation.

#5: Vinyl windows

Wood windows were traditionally considered the pinnacle of quality, with their stylish appearance and long-lasting durability. However, vinyl windows have evolved significantly since they were first introduced in the 1970s, and they are now among the most popular selections for homeowners.

At The Window & Door Store, our high-performance vinyl windows are reinforced with fiberglass for additional durability, and covered by a transferable, double-lifetime warranty with accidental glass breakage coverage. Available in a wide range of styles, colors, and configurations, our vinyl windows are an excellent option for any home.

Are you thinking of replacing your home’s windows and doors? The team at The Window & Door Store is here to help! From our professional design consultants to our skilled installation and finishing crews, we will guide you through each step in the process to ensure that your new products enhance your home’s curb appeal, provide maximum energy efficiency, and will remain in great condition for years to come. Contact us today for a free estimate!