Whether you have a sprawling backyard, a small patio, or anything in between, the patio doors that you choose for your home serve as a key portal between your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Additionally, the right doors will help secure your home, enhance curb appeal, and let in natural light while keeping out any insects or other unwanted elements.

When choosing the best patio doors for your home, it may be helpful to understand the different types and styles available. At The Window & Door Store, we offer a vast range of product selections from leading brands, with options to suit any size, style, or budget. We’ve compiled the following overview of the different patio doors we offer in order to guide you in selecting the right types of doors to enhance your home.

French Doors

With a timeless elegance that adds visual appeal to any room, French patio doors are a great choice for homes of many different styles. Generally sold in sets of two or three panels, they open on hinges like standard doors and often contain faux or real window panes to create a more ornate appearance. The surrounding frame is typically made from wood, vinyl, or aluminum, with many different colors available.

In addition to their stylish aesthetic, French doors are popular because they bring plenty of natural light into the home while providing expansive views of the outdoors. They can also be opened wide to provide easy access in and out of the home. At the same time, they can be outfitted with a deadbolt as well as a knob lock to enhance security when the doors are closed.

Sliding Doors

As one of the most standard choices for patio doors, traditional sliding doors consist of two panels that open and close by gliding along a track. One of the main advantages of sliding doors is that they conserve space since they do not swing open, allowing you to place furniture and other items close to the doors without impeding the flow of indoor-outdoor traffic.

Sliding doors are also popular for their ability to diminish the barrier between indoors and out, letting in abundant natural light and providing sweeping vistas of the outdoors from inside the home. They are often paired with sliding screen doors in order to bring in fresh air while keeping out insects and other unwanted visitors.

One potential drawback of sliding doors is that they tend to be less secure than hinged doors because their locking mechanisms are simpler. To improve security, some homeowners place a narrow rod in the sliding track so intruders will not be able to open the door. In addition, it’s important to keep the track clean and the sliding mechanism well-oiled.

Multi-Slide Doors

Multi-slide doors are a larger variation of traditional sliding doors, consisting of more than two glass panels that glide along a track. Due to their size and ability to create a virtually seamless transition between the indoors and out, multi-slide doors bring an architectural “wow” factor to any space. At The Window & Door Store, we can combine panels to create floor-to-ceiling openings for spaces ranging up to 20 feet wide and 10 feet tall.

Multi-slide doors also offer strong space-saving advantages. When fully opened, they can either disappear into the wall or stack neatly in order to minimize their footprint.

This makes multi-slide doors particularly beneficial when entertaining, as guests can easily move between the indoor and outdoor spaces and barely even notice the presence of the doors. When closed, multi-slide doors offer uninterrupted vistas of the outside world with minimal sight lines.

While multi-slide doors are often associated with a contemporary design aesthetic, they can be customized to suit nearly any style. At The Window & Door Store, we offer these doors with aluminum, vinyl, and wood-clad frames and a wide variety of color choices.

Bi-Fold Doors

Another great way to bring the outdoors into your home—and vice versa—is by installing bi-fold doors, which are composed of large glass panels that fold like an accordion. As with multi-slide doors, bi-fold doors can accommodate openings up to 20 feet wide and 10 feet tall. They have a striking appearance whether opened or closed, and provide sweeping vistas of the outdoors, along with plenty of natural light and easy access into and out of the home.

At The Window & Door Store, our bi-fold doors are equipped with a five-point locking system for maximum strength and security, as well as a track and wheel trolley system designed for smooth and effortless operation. Combining function and aesthetic appeal, bi-fold patio doors are one of our most popular selections.

Patio Doors from The Window & Door Store

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