With beautiful natural scenery and comfortable temperatures throughout most of the year, spending time outdoors is one of the most enjoyable parts of living in Arizona. From lounging by the pool to entertaining friends by a backyard fire pit, many homeowners across the Phoenix area seek to maximize enjoyment of their outdoor living spaces. By offering a seamless transition between inside and out, sweeping vistas, and several other benefits, a popular feature known as multi-slide or multi-panel doors can bring an architectural “wow factor” to any home.

What are multi-slide doors?

Featuring multiple framed glass panels that glide along a track, multi-slide doors are similar to traditional sliding doors, but generally contain more than two panels. When the doors are open, the panels may either be stacked near the side of the opening like an accordion (these are known as bi-fold doors), or concealed in a pocket within the wall. When closed, the stiles of the doors neatly align, creating expansive views of the outdoors at all times. Multi-slide doors can be opened by parting in the middle or sliding together from one side of the track to the other. The doors may be opened and closed manually or through an automated system, and tracks can be curved, straight, or meet in a 90-degree corner.

Multislide Door, Black

At The Window & Door Store, multi-slide doors are among our most beloved products. We can combine panels to create floor-to-ceiling openings for spaces of varying sizes, ranging up to 20 feet wide and 10 feet tall.

Wondering if multi-slide doors are right for your home? Consider the following benefits of these stunning features:

  • Blurred boundaries between the indoors and outdoors.
    Humans evolved over time mainly in outdoor environments—yet today, most people spend an estimated 90 percent of their days inside. As a result, many of us get less fresh air and exposure to sunlight than our bodies are designed for. This can heighten the risk of a variety of physical and mental health problems, ranging from high blood pressure and a weakened immune system to anxiety and depression. Aside from making an effort to spend more time in nature, bringing the outdoors in offers a way to help mitigate the harmful effects of excessive time inside—and multi-slide doors are the perfect solution!Whether they are open or closed, multi-slide doors create a seamless flow between the indoor and outdoor living spaces. With their large glass panels that open fully, they can let in plenty of fresh air and natural light, which provides an array of benefits for your well-being—including exposure to vitamin D and reduced stress and anxiety. The infusion of natural light can even help you save on utility costs! Additionally, multi-slide doors can make the inside of your home feel larger by drawing the eye outdoors and unifying the indoor and outdoor spaces.Blurring the indoor-outdoor boundary can also be particularly convenient when entertaining. Simply open the doors wide and guests will be able to freely wander between your home and backyard, enjoying the fresh air and a more spacious area in which to mingle.
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  • Gorgeous, uninterrupted views of the outdoors
    Whether your property looks out on picturesque desert scenery, twinkling city lights, or you just want to enjoy views of your backyard, multi-slide doors unleash panoramic views with minimal site lines. With the breeze blowing in and sweeping vistas from inside your home, multi-slide doors instantly create a beautiful focal point in the room, as well as a luxurious ambiance reminiscent of a high-end resort.
  • Save space inside your home
    While most types of traditional patio doors infringe on your living space when open, multi-slide doors are designed to either disappear into the wall or stack neatly in a way that takes up as little space as possible. This makes rooms feel larger, allows foot traffic to flow through easily, and maximizes the space available for décor and other architectural features.
  • Modern design aesthetic
    Many newly built homes feature multi-slide doors, which have surged in popularity due to their clean lines and modern aesthetic. However, whether your home is contemporary, mid-century modern, traditional, or anywhere in between, there are options for customizing your multi-slide doors to suit your style. At The Window & Door Store, we offer multiple design variations, with color choices including beige, tan, white, and black. Our options for framing include the following, all of which are durable and long-lasting:

    • Aluminum - available in a variety of custom sizes, our aluminum frames are thermally broken for maximum performance and energy-efficiency and feature a sleek black hue that will complement any home.
    • Vinyl - our high-performance vinyl frames are reinforced with steel and carry a transferable, double-lifetime warranty with accidental glass breakage coverage, so you can rest assured knowing that your new doors will provide a sound return on investment in the long run. We also offer custom glass packages to maximize energy efficiency.
    • Wood-clad - our wood-clad frames feature numerous design options to suit any aesthetic, from traditional to contemporary and beyond. These frames may be custom-stained or have a painted finish.
  • Energy efficiency
    While it may seem that large glass panels would not be the most energy-efficient choice, our multi-slide doors feature the same highly efficient glass used in our other window and door products. We incorporate the latest in energy-saving technology, including low-E (low-emissivity) coatings and dual-strength glass. These measures offer a variety of benefits, such as better insulation, savings on utility costs, and blocking of harmful UV rays.

Incorporating multi-slide doors when building or renovating a home

If you are building or renovating your home and would like to add multi-slide doors, there are several factors to consider in advance in order to ensure optimal results. For instance, here are a few important steps to take as you begin considering options for your new door system:

  • Determine the size of your wall opening. The first step when adding a multi-slide door to your home is to determine how large the opening should be. In turn, this will help you identify how many panels the door should have, how much it will cost to purchase and install the door, the structural requirements for installation (such as the wall depth and threshold size needed), and whether it will be possible to have your doors slide into a wall pocket when open. Keep in mind that while there are some multi-slide doors available to fit openings the size of a standard sliding door—which is generally about six feet wide—most will require wider openings and more structural support. As you assess how much space you have available, identifying the minimum and maximum sizes of doors that would work for your home will help guide you as you explore options.
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  • Consider the layout of the room and your intended use. When making important choices such as the size of your multi-slide doors, where the openings will be, and whether the doors will stack to the side or slide into a wall pocket when open, it’s helpful to think about the existing layout of the room and how you use it. For example, if space in the room is limited, it may be best to opt for a pocketing door—but if that is not structurally possible, choose doors that will stack to the side with the least amount of furniture or where they will be least likely to interfere with traffic flow.
  • Research the price points for different multi-slide doors. As with any other home improvement project, your budget will be a key consideration when selecting a multi-slide door. The price of these doors varies based on size and style, type of glass, and any additional features you choose, such as automation or a wall pocket. As you look for a door that suits your needs and budget, be sure to factor in the costs of installation and any structural modifications that will need to be made.
  • Consider the style of your home. As mentioned above, multi-slide doors are available in different styles, colors, and types of framing. When choosing between these options, consider the color scheme and overall design aesthetic of your home to ensure that your new doors will blend in seamlessly.
  • Consider different rooms that may benefit from a multi-slide door. Living rooms or great rooms are the most common places in which to install a multi-slide door—but there may be other parts of your home that would be enhanced by the natural light and easy access to the outside that these doors create. For example, kitchens, bedrooms, offices, and casitas are also popular spaces for multi-slide doors.

Whether you have a smaller doorway leading into your backyard or an expansive wall that you would like to open to the outside, multi-slide doors offer a stunning option that will enhance your enjoyment of both your indoor and outdoor living spaces for years to come. At The Window & Door Store, we have been installing custom windows and doors—including multi-slide, entry, and patio doors—since 2014. From our sales staff to our operations team in the showroom to our first-rate installers, we are committed to delivering a five-star experience from beginning to end. Contact us today at https://thewindowdoorstore.com/contact-us/ to request a free estimate!

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